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Old Dominion Truck Leasing has more than 50 years of experience in truck leasing, truck rental, and truck maintenance. Having an exceedingly high customer retention rate, we promote a core philosophy of integrity, honesty, and exceeding expectations. We develop deep personal and business relationships that translate into profitable truck leasing solutions. Less red tape, more action.

As part of the NationaLease network, we can offer over 740 maintenance locations nationwide to give your business the national support that you need to get the job done right. No matter where you are in America, we can help you get the results you seek in trucking and transportation.

Flexibility beyond expectations.

Old Dominion Truck Leasing knows that your truck leasing and transportation needs are unique, and don’t always fit into a neat little package, so we tailor our solutions to fit your exact needs, with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving marketplace. If you want to see the Old Dominion difference in action, give us a call.

Our approach to truck leasing is simple – do what is best for our customers and put everything we’ve got into solving their problems. We listen more than we talk, and learn what is important to you and your business. We can then draft lease agreements, maintenance packages, etc.with flexibility that will ultimately bring out the best results in your transportation logistics.

With more than 50 years of experience in full-service truck leasing, we know that flexibility is very important. We can find unique solutions, creative insights, and flexible alternatives to the typical lease situation. Contact us to find out how Old Dominion Truck Leasing can bring more value to your company.

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How to Choose a Pabx System for Home, Office or Warehouse

How to Choose a Pabx System for Home, Office or Warehouse

How to Choose a Pabx System for Home, Office or Warehouse

The more the merrier, right? If you want your business to be successful, it needs a PBX phone system. A PBX ( Private Branch Exchange) system is one that allows you to manage all of your calls and messages in one place. This means that when you make a call or send an email, it will be forwarded to the right person or department. The best way to ensure this happens is by using a PA BX system which allows you to connect multiple lines into one trunk line so there’s always someone on duty at any given time (or at least someone who can answer calls).

How to choose a PA BX system?

Choosing a PABX system is not as easy as it sounds. There are many factors to consider, including cost and the number of handsets you want to support. The following steps will help you choose the right solution for your business.

Most PABX system comes with 4 ports or more, so you can add up the phone number slowly.

You could choose a 2-port pabx phone system and add up the phone number slowly. But if you have many people to call, or want to make calls from two devices at the same time, then it’s better to buy a 4 port pabx phone system.

If your office needs more ports, then you should consider buying an 8-port PABX system. This will definitely help in managing large numbers of workers who need to communicate with each other at any given time.

Finally, if your business has hundreds of employees working in different departments and locations around the world, then 16-ports is what you should go for as well!

Need at least 1 port for the operator to make and receive the calls.

You will need at least 1 port for the operator to make and receive the calls. If you have more than one operator, then you will need to add an additional port for each additional operator.

You can add up to 4 ports (1 x RJ11 for each) with our PABX systems and routers.

Which brand is good for PABX system?

When it comes to PABX BD systems, there are many brands available in Malaysia. Some of the popular brands include Cisco and Polycom. These brands are known for their quality and reliability. Pabx price in bd are affordable and best to choose from other countries.

If you have a small office or home with less than 10 employees, then a Cisco VCS system may be a good choice for you because they offer great value for money when compared with other leading brands such as Polycom or Mitel Teleworker solutions. However if you need more features or will be having more than 10 employees in the future then we recommend choosing one of these top-ranked products instead: Mitel Teleworker solutions; Cisco TelePresence® MX 100 Series IP Phones (MXP100); Panasonic KX-TG6592 VoIP Phone Kit Voice Mail System; NEC Retail Solutions 16 Port Analog Cable Modem Multi-Site Networking Device For Businesses Of All Sizes – NB2000/NB2000G

How many ports do I need?

When selecting a pabx system, you’ll need to consider how many ports you need. The number of ports is determined by the size of your office or warehouse and what kind of phone service it offers. A small home with one line should be fine with two ports; however in larger offices or warehouses that have hundreds or thousands of employees who need to be able to reach each other at all times, four phones will be necessary for optimal functioning.

Is there any warranty for a PA BX System?

There is a warranty for the PA BX system. The warranty period is usually one year and covers any defects that are due to the manufacturer. It does not cover damages caused by the user or their employees, nor does it cover problems caused by improper installation or maintenance of your PABX system.

There are also different types of keys available on the PA BX Phone itself.

There are also different types of keys available on the PA BX Phone itself. They are used to make calls, transfer calls and check the status of the phone. The keys are made of plastic and metal, so they can be easily replaced if lost or damaged over time.

The keys come in four different colours: red, yellow (or green), blue (or black) and purple. They’re also colour coded so you know which one is yours! The durability of these devices depends on their material composition; some manufacturers use cheaper materials while others opt for high-end equipment that lasts longer than other options out there today.”

You can get a 2 port pabx phone system easily in Malaysia

If you are looking for a 2 port pabx phone system, then you can get one easily in Malaysia. You can buy a 2 port pabx phone system easily in Malaysia. Moreover, you can also buy a 2 port pabx phone system easily in your country or state.

You can get a 2 port pabx phone system easily in Malaysia. The great thing about this type of port is that it never makes any noise and you don’t have to worry about losing your customers because it doesn’t make any static noise either.

Improve Home Security with An Access Control System

Improve Home Security with An Access Control System

If you’re looking to improve the home security in your property and protect your family, then an access control system may be just what you need. Access control systems allow you to install a device at every point of entry into your home and business, which can then be used to identify who is allowed access and who isn’t. These devices are commonly referred to as biometric readers or smart cards because they both use biometric information (such as fingerprints or facial recognition) but there are many other types out there which can be used for different purposes such as keycard readers or even RFID chips embedded under skin! For Features analysis check out https://binarysolutionbd.com/.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a system that controls access to a property. It can be used to control access to buildings, rooms, or other physical spaces. Access Control Price are much affordable and easy to get. For example, you might have an access control system at your business so that only authorized employees can enter the premises, or if you live in a home with children and pets who are not always trustworthy (and sometimes unpredictable), it can help ensure that only those visitors with prior approval are allowed into the house while everyone else waits outside until they’ve been granted entry by someone else who has been approved as well!

Introduction to Biometrics

Biometrics is the use of unique physical and behavioral characteristics to verify identity. Biometric information is used in a variety of applications, including access control systems, computer authentication, identification cards and passports.

In an access control system (ACS), biometrics are used to determine whether an individual has authorization to enter an area by capturing their face or fingerprint; this process is referred to as ‘verifying’ the user’s identity. Once they have been verified through their biometric data, they will then be allowed access into your home or office premises. Biometrics can also be used for accessing mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops when they are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth technology – allowing you total control over who has access!

Introduction to Smart Cards

Smart cards are small, plastic cards that contain information stored on them. They’re used to store and transfer data such as passwords, PINs, and other sensitive information. Most often they’re used in conjunction with access control systems to help safeguard buildings against unauthorized entry.

Smart cards have become increasingly popular due to their convenience, ease of use and security features. They make it easy for users to enter information into buildings without having to carry around multiple forms of identification like Social Security numbers or bank account numbers—which can make them an attractive option for businesses with limited budgets who want something that doesn’t cost much money but still provides enough protection from identity theft or loss/misplacement (such as when someone loses their wallet).

The benefits of using smart cards include:

Access Control System Applications

Access control systems are used in many different industries, including:

  • Workplace
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings (e.g., courthouses, jails) and other public spaces where security is critical to preserving public safety.

Access Control in the Work Place

Access control is a system that allows or denies access to a location, thing, or person. It’s often used in industries such as healthcare and education.

Access control can be implemented by using biometric scanners at doors and gates. Biometric scanners allow you to identify who’s entering your building or area and immediately know if they’re not authorized (i.e., they don’t have an ID card). The scanner will also alert you if someone tries to enter without authorization; this way you’ll have time to stop them before they get into too much trouble!

Benefits of Using an Access Control System in the Workplace

In addition to the benefits of increased security and reduced costs, there are several other reasons why an access control system is beneficial in the workplace.

  • Improved Efficiency: When you have a well-designed system in place, you can reduce your overall operating expenses by reducing the number of people who need to be on staff at any given time. This means that employees will have more time available for other things such as training or education. The same goes for maintenance tasks; since they’re not wasted on unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy, they’ll get done more effectively than ever before!
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: Employees want their workplace to be safe—but it doesn’t always happen that way because those who work with dangerous equipment may not feel comfortable about doing so without proper safety gear (or even knowing what those items look like). By installing an effective access control system at your location, however, all workers will benefit from having better visibility into their surroundings while simultaneously enjoying greater peace of mind knowing that no one else has easy access outside unless authorized by someone higher up within management levels.”

The Adaptability of Home Security Systems

Home security systems are adaptable. You can get a system that is tailored to your needs, budget and lifestyle. For example, if you live in an apartment building with shared walls and do not want to install cameras inside your home because of privacy concerns, then access control would be the way to go! If money is tight but you still want the peace of mind that comes with knowing who’s coming and going from your property at all times (and know exactly where they are), then we have an answer for you too:

Bio metric Readers for Home Security

Biometric readers are used to identify people by their fingerprints. Biometric security systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, with a number of companies offering biometric access control systems that allow you to control who enters your home or office.

Biometric readers come in many forms: Some use single-digit fingerprint recognition, while others can scan multiple fingers simultaneously (or even an entire hand). Some will even work offline if there’s no internet connection available for the system during set up or operation. The most common form of biometric technology used today is called “retina scanning” because it uses three cameras: one on each side of the face, plus one above the head that captures light reflected off our retinae when we look at something directly overhead (like an eye exam). The software processes this information using algorithms developed by Microsoft Research Cambridge under professor Ian Goodfellow’s supervision; these algorithms have been tested extensively across multiple platforms within Microsoft Research Cambridge labs over several years now—and they work really well!

Smart Cards for Home Security

Smart cards are a type of access control device that can be used in your home security system. They’re small, plastic cards with a magnetic strip on one side and an embedded chip on the other. The magnetic strip stores information such as ID numbers, passwords and other security data needed to access your home or pay for services like electricity and utilities. When you swipe your smart card through an electronic reader at a door or window, it unlocks the door for entry. You can also use them to unlock locks on gates or doors when you enter or exit your property. Smart cards are convenient because they’re portable; they don’t require batteries and they don’t need power outlets nearby (so no need to worry about running out of charge). In addition to being used as physical keys into buildings’ walls (which is great), smart cards can also be used remotely through wireless internet connections so anyone who has access will be able to open up those same locks with ease! This makes life easier too because instead having multiple keys lying around everywhere just waiting patiently until someone finds them accidentally while cleaning up after dinner…you’ll only need one thing: your smartphone’s browser app.”


The takeaway should summarize the article, and it should be clear. It’s also important that your takeaway is easy to remember—so don’t make it too long or complicated! Your takeaway should be relevant to what you’ve learned in this article, so keep that in mind when writing yours down.

How to Plan Your Cctv camera Budget

How to Plan Your Cctv camera Budget

The most important thing to do when planning your security camera system is to have a budget. CC Camera Price is the first step in setting up your system is to determine how much money you can spend on it and what features you want in your video surveillance system. Once you know how much money you need, then you can start looking for suppliers who offer products at a good price or choose one of their competitors instead.

Why we should have CCTV camera?

  • CCTV cameras can help you to monitor your home and business. In case of any theft or burglary, it is easy to see what has happened by watching the CCTV camera footage. You can also check who entered your property and when they left after entering the premises; this is particularly useful when it comes to checking whether someone has been living in a house without permission or if there have been any illegal activities taking place on the property. This can help avoid unpleasant situations like being arrested for trespassing while walking through someone else’s private property (which happens from time-to-time).
  • CCTV cameras are great for monitoring employees at work too! If an employee leaves early without telling anyone then this could mean that he/she may be stealing money from his store cash register or stealing drugs from their medicine cabinet – both scenarios would be very embarrassing for everyone involved so having a reliable system in place would reduce these risks significantly by giving them peace of mind knowing exactly what happened during each shift before leaving work each day which means less stress levels overall since nothing unexpected happens which leads us onto…

2. What’s the right number of cameras I need?

How many cameras you need is a matter of personal preference. The number of cameras you choose will depend on the size of your property, how much you want to spend, and how much coverage is needed. It’s also important to consider how many different areas are worth monitoring (such as entry points and exits from buildings) before making any decisions about what type of security system or camera system would be best for your property.

If you have any doubts about whether or not adding more cameras is worth it, then it may be better just to wait until after some time has passed since installing them so that their effectiveness can be seen firsthand by other people who may find themselves needing help at some point during its operation—or even years later!

3. Is my location suitable for CCTV?

Once you’ve determined that your location is suitable, it’s time to think about how you want to set up your CCTV system. There are many factors that go into this decision, including:

  • Safety and security. Is the area safe? Is it secure? Does it have enough lighting and access points for people who need to enter or exit the building at different times of day (e.g., during the day versus night)? Do any windows allow direct sunlight into the room where your camera will be placed?
  • Accessibility. Is there a way for visitors/patrons who aren’t directly involved with whatever activity happens within this space on a daily basis (like security guards) still have access if necessary? If so, can they also get up close enough without getting caught up in whatever’s happening inside as well—and what are those things exactly?

4. What’s the best location for CCTV cameras?

Next, you’ll need to decide where to put your cameras. There are many factors that go into choosing a location for CCTV cameras. These include:

  • What kind of view do you want? A wide angle view will give you more information about what’s happening in front of or behind your camera, whereas a close-up view will give viewers an up-close look at faces and gestures that aren’t visible from far away (such as someone waving).
  • How much privacy do you want? If they’re going to be recording conversations with people who don’t know they’re being recorded, then it’s best if the camera can be placed outside where there won’t be any curtains or blinds blocking its view—this way no one has reason not trust them!

5. How many megapixels is required for my cctv camera?

The number of megapixels you need depends on the size of the area that needs to be covered. For example, if you want to record your front door and driveway, or any other small area such as a hallway or garage, then a 720p camera is enough. But if you want to record an entire house from one room (or several rooms), then it would be better to go for 1080p cameras because they have better quality images than 720p ones.

The more megapixels there are in a camera, the better its quality will be; but this also means more money will be spent on buying them!

6. Where can I install CCTV cameras?

  • Place cameras at the entrance of your building or office. This is the most important step in planning your CCTV camera installation, as it will determine how many cameras you need and where they should be placed. A single camera can be hidden in plain sight as long as it has a clear view of all entrances, exits, hallways and rooms within a certain area of interest.
  • Place cameras at the exit of your building or office. Like with entrance surveillance cameras, you’ll want to use multiple locations within this area so that there is always someone watching what happens when someone leaves (or enters).
  • Place cameras outside parking lots or garages where cars might park overnight so that if there are any suspicious activity occurring during these hours—such as vandalism or theft—you will have an easy way to know about it immediately without having to call police first! This can also help reduce insurance claims too because people don’t usually realize how much damage could occur due simply lacking sufficient lighting inside their vehicle when leaving at night time; however now there won’t be any doubt left behind either due lack thereof!”

7. What are the options available in cctv camera and what each of them means?

There are a variety of types of cameras on the market today, including:

  • Megapixel – This is a measurement of the number of pixels (picture elements) in an image sensor. The more megapixels it has, the better quality your footage will be.
  • Lens – A lens is what makes your cctv camera able to capture images and videos clearly. Some lenses have wide angles while others have zoom capabilities so you can get closer to what’s happening in front of them or zoom out for better focus on distant subjects.
  • IR Illuminator – An IR illuminator helps light up dark areas so night vision works better than daylight conditions do when using this type of equipment because they’re used together with sensors which detect motion within them rather than just ambient light sources being detected by sensors alone when operating at night time hours!
  • Night vision uses infrared lights instead so we don’t need as much illumination outside since there isn’t any visible sunlight anymore during those times either…but still works well enough without needing extra lighting near where we’ll be filming!”

8. What is IR Illuminator or Night vision?

IR illuminator or night vision is a device that uses light to illuminate the camera. It can be used to see in dark surroundings, which makes it a great addition to your surveillance system. The best part about IR illuminators is that they don’t need any special equipment or power source like other types of lights do!

9. What is PoE ? and why it’s important in CCTV system?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. It is a technology that allows a single cable to deliver both power and data. In other words, you can use your existing power cable to transmit video signals as well.

PoE is an important part of CCTV camera system because it allows you to save money on purchasing additional cabling and also reduces installation time by eliminating the need for running wires across rooms or walls in your home or office complex.

10. Do I need a professional installer to setup my system ?

You can install your own CCTVs, but it is recommended to hire a professional installer. A professional will be able to do more than just set up your cameras. They will also be able to help with installation and maintenance of the system and provide any technical support needed.

If you are planning on installing your own system, make sure that you have the right tools and skills before starting work on it. To order CCTV Camera online click here.

It is better to plan your budget before decide to buy a security camera.

  • Choose the best camera for your budget
  • Choose the best location for your camera.

We hope you’ll find this post helpful in choosing the right type of CCTV cameras for your needs. As we have seen, there are many options available and it is important to take into account all parameters when selecting a camera system. Remember that you can always contact an experienced installer if you need help setting up your system or choosing the best one for your needs.


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